We specialize in dissent

We do community organizing, radical psychoanalysis, process consultancy, and research

Кои сме ние и какво правим?

Кои сме ние?

  • Платформа за граждански права и активизъм. Създаваме пространства за мислене творчество, както и концептуални рамки и методологии, с помощта на които да осмислите по-добре своята професионална и обществена дейност.

  • Ресурсна организация. Осигуряваме широк набор от помощни материали за всички обществени дейци, носители на демократичния импулс.

  • Инкубатор за идеите, инициативите, проектите и дейностите на своите членове. Подкрепяме нашите членове, когато поемат своята роля на лидери и авторитети в социалното и политическо пространство.

Какво правим?

  • Подкрепяме и защитаваме защитниците на човешките права, като активисти, уисълблоуъри, лидери, експерти, артисти и други, удържащи потисническите тенденции и корупционни практики.

  • Подкрепяме развитието на граждански движения, организации, групи и дейци, както и изследвания, анализи и критика във всички публични сфери, основно що се касае до гражданското общество, науката, образованието, социалната кохезия и културата.

  • Участваме в процесите на усъвършенстване на законодателството в сферите на гражданското общество, науката, образованието, социалната кохезия и културата.

Who we are and what we do?

Who we are?

  • A platform for civil rights and activism. We provide spaces for thinking and artistic activity as well as conceptual frameworks and methodologies to help you make sense of your work and activism.

  • A resource organization. We offer a wide range of aids for all actors who carry the democratic impulse.

  • An incubator of its members’ ideas, initiatives, projects and actions. We support our members when they strive to take up their role in the social and political space with leadership and authority.

What we do?

  • We support and protect human rights defenders, such as activists, whistle-blowers, leaders, experts, avant-garde artists and others working to countervail oppressive tendencies and corrupt practices.

  • We support the development of civil movements, organizations, groups and actors, as well as research, analysis and operational critique in all spheres of public life, mostly in civil society, science, education, social cohesion and culture.

  • We participate in processes of perfecting the legislation in the spheres of civil society, science, education, social cohesion, and culture.

Why "а grid"? What "authority"?

Our particular focus is on the concept of a grid. It builds on previously existing concepts and phenomena related to group dynamics and facilitation, such as network, space, matrix, movement etc. but explicitly focuses on the power aspects of the world in which we exist. Instead of wishfully denying that “such a bad thing” as power exists, we take power as the basis of what constitutes our view of the world in which we live together. From this viewpoint, we target the development of the key skills for navigation in power dynamics and complexity - leadership and authority.

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