The concept of a grid builds on what space means. ‘Grid’ makes a more explicit reference to the galvanizing qualities of being in a work group and emphasizes the unlocking of the emancipatory charge of group dynamics. This concept is similar to the idea of a matrix, meaning that a skillfully facilitated group or a network is more than the sum of its members and is a creative and productive new entity that can give birth to new ideas, projects or an enterprise. The ambition is that in the long run, the grid will grow into a virtual referent organization capable of finding solutions to contemporary societal challenges. It is, therefore, built on virtue and is a place where people come together as creative and political subjects. 


The Orion Grid is entirely funded by its members and friends. We are honoured, delighted and thankful to a number of individuals who donated their talent and/or other resources to our causes in 2019.

Photo by Robert Anasch