The Orion Grid

Our mandate is anywhere in the world. We operate mostly online as a trans-nationally accessible center, even though we are a non-governmental organization with headquarters in Bulgaria. 

Our goal is the galvanization and harmonization of a grid via partnerships with like-minded people and collaborators.

We develop the association as a network of specialized organizations and institutions – civil, scientific, art unions and associations, trade unions, high schools and higher education institutions, the specialized institutes, professional editions and others.

We want to ignite (and to be ignited) and to sustain joint actions and strategies with other activists and movements who fight for democracy and human rights.

We connect beautiful people to create beautiful things.


The Orion Grid was conceived in 2014 as a project of Dr Milena Stateva, who originated the concept, methodology and practice at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in the UK. A team of experienced professionals in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, who are also activists and, several of them, avant-garde artists, founded and registered the organization officially registered in January 2019 as an association for public benefit.